You Won’t Believe This Coincidence That Happened With Wayne Rooney Against Man City

Having a coincidence like scoring in the same way or time in football is a normal thing, but what happened with Rooney against Man City was unbelievable.

Rooney has scored an amazing goal back in 2012, almost the same as Everton’s goal, but that wasn’t all. The shocking coincidence is with Manchester City fans. 3 of the fans in 2012, were present in Everton’s game.

As the pictures show,same seat, and even same reaction to Rooney’s goal against Man City after 4 years

The fans against Everton in 2017


The fans against Man United in 2012



As you see, it’s a very strange coincidence. Same fans, same seats,same reaction, same player.


Knowing that Rooney reached his 200th Premier League goal after his goal against Man City and behave came the second player in Premier League’s history to 200 goals or more.


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