Video: Mourinho Rejects To Shake Hands With Hazard

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, has rejected to shake hands with his former player during his Chelsea’s spell, Eden Hazard, ahead of the kick of of Man United match against Chelsea.


According to the English outlet, The Sun, the former Chelsea’s manager, Mourinho, waited Chelsea players to leave the dressing room to warm up on the pitch, and had a hand shake with most of the players he managed, except Eden Hazard who he insisted to reject.


After Mourinho had a handshake with most of the players and saw Hazard getting out of the dressing rooms, he intended to return his hand to his pocked in order to to shake hands with Hazard. Moreover, Hazard didn’t want to shake hands as well with his former manager by looking at the ground with his head down all the way until he went out to the pitch. Which suggests that both intended not to shake hands, but Mourinho returned his hand to his pockets before Hazard arrives.


According to reports, Jose Mourinho and Eden Hazard had a bad relationship after Mourinho got sacked two seasons ago. However, Hazard praised his former manager several times after he got sacked and said that they have a great relationship, but what happened today proves that their relationship isn’t so well.


Knowing that Manchester United has lost 1-0 today to Chelsea in the Stamford Bridge in the 11th match in the Premier League this season and it’st he second time Manchester United loses this season after their loss away 2-1 against Huddersfield Town.


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