Is It Time For Ander Herrera To Leave Man United?

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, has finally reached a strong winning formation after signing Lukaku,Lindelof, and most importantly, Matic. But is it time for Ander Herrera to leave Man United?

Ander Herrera is one of United’s best players last season, which lead him to win Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award as well. However, Matic’s arrival may mean that the Spaniard has to find another destination, unless he wants to be on the bench.

Matic’s arrival benefited the whole team, Matic is the player Man United needed to free Pogba from the defensive role, and let him focus on his attacking duties like Juve’s time, which was clearly shown this season where Pogba was behind 6 out of 11 goals for Man United.

Mourinho is playing just two midfielders with his formation, Pogba and Matic, which makes Ander Herrera being a second option on the bench, and playing just for 5 minutes with Man United this season.

Herrera’s contract expires next summer, which means he could sign for any club in January. Knowing that Herrera is 28 years old, which means he doesn’t have much time left to play in the top tire.

Do you think it’s time for Ander Herrera to leave Man United after losing his place in the starting 11? comment bellow


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  1. nooo! let him stay, is a good player

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