REVEALED: What Mourinho Said To The Players In The Half-Time Which Led To The Comeback

Manchester United’s manager, Jose Mourinho, has had an interview with the English media where he revealed what he said to his players that led to the great win and comeback for Manchester United today, Saturday, in the Premier League Matchday 32 in the Manchester Derby where Manchester United scored three goals within minutes to flip the table on Manchester City and Pep Guardiola.

Jose Mourinho revealed what he said to the players in the half-time which changed the game within minutes and gave Manchester United’s players the will and ability to win 2-3 after losing 2-0 in the first half.

Jose Mourinho said to the English media and reporters: “we aren’t the team that the people think we are, we aren’t a bad team, I am not a bad manager. We have beaten Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, and Manchester City. Our aim wasn’t to ruin their party, winning the Premier League title today, they will win the Premier League title anyways.”

Jose Mourinho continued:” It was a very important win for us, we played with confidence in the second half and showed courage more than what the other teams show when they play against Manchester City. We had to push and pressure on them and wait to score a goal. But I have to congratulate Manchester City for winning the Premier League title, they deserve it.”

When Jose Mourinho was asked about what he said in the half-time to the players that changed the game, Jose Mourinho said:” I said to my players that we shouldn’t be like clowns while we are watching them winning the Premier League title today.”

Jose Mourinho ended by saying that” Even if Manchester United don’t win the Premier League title for 50 more years, Manchester United will stay Manchester United.”



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