A Report Classifies Man United As The WORST Team In The Premier League In One Thing

A new study and report has gave Manchester United, who is currently second in the Premier League with 23 points behind Manchester City with 31 points, as the laziest team in the Premier League award.


Manchester United has lost the last match on Sunday against Chelsea 1-0, where Jose Mourinho’s men performed one of their worst matches this season, and increased the gap to 8 points with Manchester City.



According to the British outlet, The Sun, Manchester United was ranked at the bottom of the table as the laziest team in terms of distance covered by its players. Manchester United’s players covered 1162km in all 11 matches, where Bournemouth on the other hand has covered 1256km, akmost 100km more than Manchester United.

However, Manchester United’s newly arrived midfielder from Chelsea,Nemanja Matic , is ranked in the 4th position as the players who covered the most distance with 128km.



Knowing that Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, has been heavily criticized because of his playing style which is known is “parking the bus” against the big teams like how Manchester United played against Liverpool,Tottenham Hotspurs, and Chelsea.


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