The Reason Why Man United Didn’t Sign Isco Before

Some journals today have shared the reason why Man United didn’t sign Isco before he joins  Real Madrid and shines there.

The reason is a bit “weird” reason that prevented the Spanish player, Isco, from joining the Red Devils.


According to the news network, ESPN, one of Man United scouts under Sir Alex’s era, went to watch Isco to report him to Sir Alex and sign him. Isco was 21 years old then and the report included: “Isco is a good player, but he’s not fast enough. His head is big compared to his body”.

This “weird” reason is supposedly the reason Isco didn’t sign for Man United. Then Isco joined Real Madrid and played 20 matches with Spain and won more than 10 trophies with Real Madrid. The last one was yesterday when he scored against Man United and was chosen the man of the match in the UEFA Super Cup.


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