Rashford Gets Into History After Liverpool’s Match

Manchester United have had a great win yesterday, Saturday, after winning 2-1 against their main historical rival, Liverpool FC, at home, Old Trafford, in the Premier League Matchday 30 where Manchester United were able to secure the second place until now in the Premier League with five points clear above Liverpool FC.

On the other hand, Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s forward, got into the Premier League history after the match of Manchester United against Liverpool FC where the English youngster scored twice for Manchester United during the first half where the first goal came on the 14th minute, and the second goal came just 10 minutes after the first goal by Marcus Rashford as well, on the 24th minute.

These two goals awarded Manchester United the three points against Liverpool FC, and got Marcus Rashford into the Premier League history.

Marcus Rashford became the first player for Manchester United to score in England’s Derby, the match between Manchester United and Liverpool FC, twice in the first half since the match between Liverpool an Manchester United back in 1997, 21 years ago, where Gary Pallister scored twice against Liverpool FC on the 13th and 42nd minute.

Marcus Rashford is the first player for Manchester United to score a brace against Liverpool in the first half since 21 years, which is even before Marcus Rashford was even born where the English youngster forward was born on October 31, 1997, and the match between Manchester United and Liverpool in the Premier League was on the 19th of April 1997.

Knowing that Marcus Rashford isn’t a regular starter this season, especially after the arrival of the Chilean international, Alexis Sanchez, from Arsenal last January where the Chilean superstar didn’t meet the expectations yet, and his performance is still very poor and average where he scored just once in nine games with Manchester United since his debut.


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