Rashford Is Close To Break Rooney’s Historical Record With Man United

Marcus Rashford became closer to break Wayne Rooney’s all time historical record with Man United as a teenager.



Rashford scored in every competition debut he participated in where 27.3% of his 22 goals are debut goals.

Rashford goals in his debut matches:

-Two Europa League debut goals against Midtjylland

-Two Premier League debut goals against Arsenal

-One national team debut goal against Australia

-Three national U-21 debut goals against Norway

-One League Cup debut goal against Northampton

-One Champions League debut goal against Basel.


This great stats makes Rashford able to compete to become Man United’s all time under 20 top goalscorer. Rooney a scored 15 league goals with Man United when he was under 20, Rashford still has 48 days, 6 games, to score three more goals to equalize Rooney’s number. Knowing that Rooney has scored 12 league goals so far.


What do you think? can he make it?

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