Pogba REGRETS Returning To Man United

Paul Pogba speculations and news in Manchester United are the hottest recently where the French midfielder has been heavily criticized over his bad performance recently.

Paul Pogba is clearly not happy at Manchester United at this moment, neither Jose Mourinho or the fans are happy with Paul Pogba’s performance as well.

Paul Pogba is the most expensive player in Manchester United where the Manchester club paid over 100million for the Juventus player who was a Manchester United youngster before he leaves for the Italian Serie A giant.

However, in the pundit talk show today on the Sports channel, ESPN, where the pundits where discussing how Paul Pogba regrets returning to his former club, Manchester United, after the bad times with Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, where many news report that the French midfielder is fighting and not coming regularly to training with the Portuguese manager due to his tactics which limited the performance of Paul Pogba where Jose Mourinho is making him responsible for the defensive duties, which is limiting his attacking abilities.

However, Jose Mourinho has confessed today that Paul Pogba is going through a bad time, but insisted that playing Paul Pogba in the 4-3-3 formation, is Paul Pogba’s favorite position to play in, unlike what the media are saying that this formation “killed” Paul Pogba’s talent and Jose Mourinho called some media and reporters as “lairs”.

On the other hand, Paul Pogba’s rumors and news about him leaving Manchester United are at its peak as well.

The latest news suggest that the French midfielder, Paul Pogba, may consider to leave the Old Trafford for the second time and join the La Liga giant, Real Madrid, after the world cup next summer where Real Madrid are ready to pay Paul Pogba the salary he wants, and make him one of the most important players in the team after the news of Real Madrid eyeing a huge reform next summer which may include David De Gea, Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard, and others after the disastrous performance this season.

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