PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 4-1 Fulham

An amazing match by Manchester United where it’s the first time this season that the Red Devils, Manchester United, scored three goals in the first halftime where the last time they scored three goals it was against Newcastle United in the 3-2 win.

Manchester United scored their goals by their Captain, Ashley Young, Juan Mata, and then Romelu Lukaku. The team conceded a goal in the second half through a penalty caused by Ander Herrera, who had a good match today, except giving away a penalty.

Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

De Gea: Nothing much to do today. 6.5/10

Smalling: An average match as well, but was trying to score and helping in the aerial plays. Left the pitch with an injury. 7/10

Jones: An average match. 6.5/10

Young: A good match for Man United’s captain, scored a crucial goal. 8/10

Dalot: A very good match where he had several crosses in the first half. 7/10

Matic: A good match in the midfield, didn’t have a lot of threats to deal with. 7/10

Mata: A very good match by the Spaniard, he scored and assisted today. 8/10

Herrera: Was solid in the midfield. But caused a penalty. 6.5/10

Lukaku:  Wasn’t so effective throughout the match, but scored the third goal at the end of the first half and gained some confidence. 7/10

Lingard: tried to help and was creative and behind the third goal. 7/10

Rashford: Was behind the first two goals and scored the fourth goal. 8/10


Rojo: Not going through his best times. 5/10

Fred: Not much to do, came to stabilize the midfield. 5/10

McTominay: came to secure the score and rest Rashford after scoring. 5/10

Man of the match: Marcos Rashford, Juan Mata, and Ashley Young all contributed directly in two goals, but Juan Mata was the best today in his creativity and movement.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): A good match by Manchester United, but their performance declined in the second half and they were satisfied with the win and didn’t try to score the fourth or fifth goal until a late time in the match. 7/10

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