PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 4-0 Yeovil Town And Man Of The Match

Another successful game for Manchester United in the FA Cup fourth round with the least effort and the Red Devils secured a place in the fifth round of the FA Cup after the qualification today.

Here are our player ratings and man of the match for today’s match

Romero:  Was tested several times especially in the first half, saved all the shots. 8/10

Rojo: Still a bit reckless in some moments, but a good match. One assist for Lukaku as well. 7/10

Lindelof:  Still a bit shaky, but a good match overall. 6/10

Darmian: Wasn’t so active on his side or in crossing. One late assist. 5/10

Shaw: Was active on his side, unlike Darmian, and was crossing and even going forward. 7/10

Ander Herrera: Another goal against Yeovil Town in a similar scenario to 2015, and almost the same time. 8/10

McTominay: Was solid tonight, was going to score in the 24th minute. But booked. 8/10

Carrick: A good comeback for the captain! Not his best performance but he didn’t play since almost four months. 6/10

Mata:  Was active and even he was playing with Sanchez on the left side. 6/10

Sanchez: A great debut! great passes such us to McTominay on the 24th minute and in both goals, he provided one assist for the second goal, and the first goal it’s almost an assist if Yeovil’s defender didn’t touch it. Too bad he didn’t score tonight. 9/10

Rashford: Not his best match, we need the old version of Rashford again. Was able to do better. 6/10


Lukaku: One late goa. 6/10

Lingard:  Played Sanchez’s role, and scored the third goal. 6/10

Gomes: Had a chance after seconds of getting on the pitch, not so much time to impress though. N/A

Man of the match: Sergio Romero saved Manchester United from several dangerous shots, but still Alexis Sanchez deserves the man of the match award for his effort and hard work. He was behind Manchester United’s win and was playing everywhere on the pitch.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): A good win with the least effort on a hard ground. Avoided the injuries and qualified for the next round. Now it’s time to focus on Tottenham’s match. 7/10

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