PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 2-2 Southampton And Man Of The Match

A very poor match by Manchester United and random playing with random positioning and passes from the players, which Jose Mourinho also takes the blame for it due to his new formation.

Manchester United conceded twice in a matter of minutes, and scored twice as well in a matter of minutes where all the four goals came in the first half, and in the second half both managers couldn’t score any more goals and their teams were nervous, which was obvious in the number of yellow cards both teams received.

Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

De Gea: Couldn’t do much today, and conceded twice. 6/10

Jones: A very poor match. 5/10

McTominay: Poor and bad as a center back 5/10

Young: Poor as well, but maybe the best in the back line today. 6/10

Shaw: Was poor today and left the pitch with an injury. 5/10

Matic: A poor match as well, and very bad as a center back for the whole match. 5/10

Pogba: Another poor match, maybe the worst in the midfield. The only good thing he made was his run and the risk he took and lead to the pass to Rashford which led to Manchester United’s goal. 6/10

Fellaini:  A wrong position and a lot of mistakes and when easily losing balls he was easily committing fouls and easily. Two elbow kicks as well. 5/10

Herrera: The best among the midfielders today, scored a crucial goal and was okay. 7/10

Lukaku: Scored a goal which is his fifth this season, but didn’t have a very good match, didn’t have a lot of services as well. 7/10

Rashford: A bad foul which led to a goal, but he provided two crucial assists. 8/10


Lingard: His pace didn’t help him. 5/10

Martial: Not much to do. 5/10

Dalot: Came to replace the injured Shaw, nothing much to do. 5/10

Man of the match: None of Manchester United players, but Rashford was the best due to his both assists

Jose Mourinho (Manager): A very poor and random and unorganized match. His tactics and changing the winning team didn’t help getting back with three poitns. 5/10

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