PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 3-2 Newcastle And Man Of The Match.

A poor and disappointing performance by Manchester United after the embarrassing performance in the first half where Manchester United conceded twice int he first 10 minutes for the first time of the Premier League history where Manchester United were able to flip the table in the second half.

Juan Mata and Anthony Martial were able to score the two needed goals to equalize, while Alexis Sanchez who came as a substitute was able to score the winning goal through a header in the penalty area where he was so dangerous as a striker, where he should partner up with Lukaku upfront.

Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

De Gea: As usual, did everything he can. 7/10

Smalling: Tried to score with some shots, but a poor or average match. 5/10

Bailly: Mourinho made him look like he was responsible for the goals after subbing him off after minutes of the first half. 5/10

Young: Bad first half, a better second half. 6/10

Shaw: Wasn’t able to show his best form as the previous matches. 6/10

Matic: A poor match, he missed the chance to score a goal on the 51st minute. 5/10

McTominay: Was playing as a center back after Bailly was subbed off, Mourinho isn’t helping this kid to shine. 6/10

Pogba:  Was trying, assisted the second goal. 6/10

Martial: Poor first half and missed some chances, but scored an important goal to equalize. 7/10

Rashford: Was really poor today, couldn’t deliver or be a threat to Newcastle’s defense. 4/10

Lukaku: No threat at all to Newcastle, a very poor match. 4/10


Alexis: Was better than Rashford, was dangerous when he was closer to the penalty area and scored the winning goal. 7/10

Mata: Was always trying with his heart and delivered when needed. 7/10

Fellaini: Was dangerous in the aerial balls and brought some stability to the midfield. 6/10

Man of the match: None of Manchester United players, but Juan Mata deserves a mention for his performance and playing his heart off.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): Same old story, Manchester United barely winning or able to score, and conceded twice in the first 10 minutes. He should be sacked soon, for the sake of the club. 3/10

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