PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 2-1 Liverpool And Man Of The Match.

An amazing first half for Manchester United where they dominated the match and were able to score two goals by the English youngster defender, Marcus Rashford, before Manchester United’s performance declines in the second half with the improved performance of Liverpool.

The match ended with the expected result, 2-1, where Manchester United risked losing the three points in the second half after losing possession a lot and defending most of the time instead of attacking like in the first half, which made the team and defense struggle. Jose Mourinho has to take this as a lesson.

Here are our player ratings and man of the match for today’s match

De Gea:  Nothing much to do in the first half, but stood up for Liverpool’s attempts in the second half.  Can’t be blamed for the own goal. 7/10

Smalling:  Was good in the first half, but with the pressure in the second half, he committed some fouls. 6/10

Bailly: Was amazing in the first half where he started after a long-term injury in such a big match. However, after scoring an own goal, his performance declined and he was nervous. 6/10

Valencia: Was contributing to the attack more than Alexis Sanchez. A good defensive game as well. Booked. 7/10

Young:  Saved Manchester United from several dangerous balls in the penalty area. 7/10

Matic: An average match, wasn’t so creative in the attacking side. 6/10

Mata: He is a tactical player, had a dangerous chance in the first half and was so dangerous in the penalty area. But he lacked pace in the second half. 7/10

McTominay: One of the best players today, fighting, working hard, and passionate. 8/10

Sanchez:  Was walking in the first half, it’s not his type of a game to talk without the ball, but he prefers to have the ball with him while running. Still didn’t adapt to Mourinho’s style. Was a bit better at the end of the second half. 5/10

Rashford: Two goals and the best player today. Not sure why Jose Mourinho subbed him off instead of Sanchez or Mata. Booked. 8/10

Lukaku: Was behind the first two goals and made one assist. A good match but he didn’t score. Was helping in the defense as well with some head clearance. 7/10


Fellaini: Played as a box to box midfielder. Was okay, except some reckless moments. 6/10

Lingard: Had to come on earlier. He is able to make the difference.

Darmian: Came just to waste some time in the last seconds of the match. N/A

Man of the match: Marcus Rashford, with no doubt. A great match with a great clinical finish. Had to play the full 90 minutes and Jose Mourinho had to sub off Alexis Sanchez instead of Marcus Rashford.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): A good first half, but the declined performance in the second half isn’t understandable. He was able to manage to score twice in the first half with Alexis Sanchez playing poor, and Paul Pogba absent. However, the second half the team suffered from some issues. 7/10

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