PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 2-1 Chelsea And Man Of The Match.

A very bad first half, but an amazing second half where Manchester United took the advantage and dominated the game while attacking Antonio Conte and Chelsea where they flipped the roles of the team who is defending, and the team who is attacking. Chelsea wasted several chances as well in the first half which gave Manchester United the opportunity to win in the second half.

Here are our player ratings and man of the match for today’s match

De Gea:  Was okay, was able to do better in Willian’s goal. 6/10

Smalling:  We can’t expect him to be Sergio Ramos for example, wasn’t marking Morata well on the 4th minute which was going to lead to a goal, but thanks to the post, it didn’t. 5/10

Lindelof:  Seemed more comfortable than before, but still not the level Manchester United needs. 5/10

Antonio Valencia: Played as a central defender sometimes. Was so dangerous at the end of the match in the attack. Bookrf. 6/10

Young:  Was helping in the attack and was goo in the defense. 6/10

Matic: Amazing performance, was everywhere and fighting for Manchester United against his former manager and team. 8/10

Pogba: Not his best match. Wasn’t the dangerous Pogba of the beginning of the season but a better performance. 6/10

McTominay: has a great future and was fighting against big players, but struggled against hazard was able to do better with wilWillian’s counter-attack. 6/10

Sanchez:  Was defending, we won’t see the real Sanchez until he gets closer to Lukaku and that’s how the first goal came through his world-class pass. Had a lot of misplaced passes as well. 6/10

Martial: One assist and was always dangerous. Got subbed for Lingard. 6/10

Lukaku: Scored a goal and made an assist.  Was so close to scoring in the 68th minute as well. 8/10


Lingard: Amazing performance from the bench and scored a goal. 6/10

Bailly:  Just came to secure the result. 5/10

Man of the match: Romelu Lukaku with no doubt, one goal and one assist while having several other attempts and chances, even though he missed some, but gave Manchester United three points. Knowing that Nemanja Matic deserves a mention as well for his incredible effort.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): An over defensive first half, but a very good second half where Manchester United was attacking and was going to score several times, and secured three points. Jose Mourinho has a very good attacking squad, he should take advantage of it. 7/10

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