PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 0-0 Sevilla And Man Of The Match.

A match that its first half was quite defensive and tactical by both teams and managers, where both of them didn’t’ want to concede an early goal. However, Jose Mourinho didn’t really change his tactics through the game and kept on over defending with almost 11 players to lose the opportunity to score very valuable away goal for the Red Devils.

Sevilla FC were the side who dominated the match in everything with a huge difference such as 25 shots for Sevilla, while Manchester United had only 6. On the other hand, Sevilla had 8 shots on target, and Manchester United made just one.

Here are our player ratings and man of the match for today’s match

De Gea:  Manchester United’s best player in the first half with five crucial saves such as on the 28th, 42nd, 46th minute, and others. Saved the team tonight. 9/10

Smalling:  Had some sloppy moments in marking such as on the 28th and 46th minute. 6/10

Lindelof:  Was alright. 6/10

Antonio Valencia: Wasn’t so dangerous in the attack, had some sloppy moments as well such as on the 46th minute where he was able to mark better. 6/10

Young:  Was dreadful tonight. We didn’t see the Ashley Young of the beginning of the season. 5/10

Matic: Not his perfect match. Was back passing a lot as well. 5/10

Herrera: To bad he got injured too early in the 17th minute. N/A

McTominay: Did his job, had a very dangerous attempt on target on the 38th minute, and seemed confident during the match, especially when defending. 7/10

Sanchez:  Was very poor tonight. He was marked by Sevilla’s players but was a very average player. 5/10

Mata: It seems the position he is playing on doesn’t really suit him, he is more of a creative player. 6/10

Lukaku: Was the counter attackman today with two goals from a counter attack. Not the best match, but he was the man who made the difference. 8/10


Pogba: Didn’t do much, but had some brilliant moments and dribbles. 6/10

Rashford:  Not much time to impress. 5/10

Martial: made the difference just minutes after getting on the pitch and had a great pass to Lukaku, before the referee cancels the goal. 6/10

Man of the match: David De Gea was Manchester United’s best player with no doubt at all. Without David De Gea, Manchester United would have lost by a wide result.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): Not sure if it was really a good match or a dreadful match. Manchester United is struggling in the offense where even Alexis Sanchez is struggling under this defensive system which needs 11 defenders. However, Manchester United has to be careful at the Old Trafford not to concede an away goal for Sevilla. 6/10

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