PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 2-0 Bournemouth And Man Of The Match

An average match for Manchester United where the performance wasn’t the one Manchester United fans want, but it’s for sure the result they want. The team lacked the chemistry where many players don’t usually play together.

However, good first half, not a perfect one, but gave Manchester United the desired result which is 1-0. Most of the new players showed lack of confidence, and the midfield lacked the roles for each player between Herrera, Pogba, and Fellaini. However, the team had the desire to win.

The second match was better where several players had their roles determined and clarified, like Paul Pogba’s roles which made him perform better and make an assist.

Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

De Gea: A good match, as usual. 7/10

Smalling: A good match, scored a very important goal in the first half. 6/10

Jones: Good to see him back, but was a bit shaky sometimes in marking some players. 6/10

Darmian: Was poor in crossing, not a good match, especially in the offensive side. He lacked the rhythm of playing. 4/10

Shaw:  Wasn’t so good today, especially in crossing. As Darmian, he lacks the rhythm. 4/10

Fellaini: A very average match, we doubt he will be at the Old Trafford by next season. 5/10

Pogba: Was lost in the midfield, no clear roles. However, in the second half, he was better and with more clear roles and made an assist. 7/10

Herrera: Maybe the best midfielder today, was behind the first goal. 5/10

Martial: Was trying, but he lacks confidence. His style of play, kind of selfish, didn’t help much today especially with the lack of chemistry with the other players. 5/10

Lingard: One assist, and was maybe the best of the three forward players. 5/10

Rashford: Wasn’t that dangerous today, tried a couple of times, but wasn’t his best match. 5/10


Lukaku: Scored a very important goal. 6/10

Matic: Came to secure the score. 5/10

Blind: Not much to do. 5/10

Man of the match: Paul Pogba was the best for Manchester United on the pitch.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): Not the best performance, but the desired result. A lot of changes and several players seemed under pressure. but the three points are secured. A very big and most important match so far this season is next Saturday, against Tottenham Hotspurs. 7/10

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