PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 1-1 Chelsea

A very poor and disappointing match for the Red Devils, Manchester United, after almost losing all their ability to qualify to the Champions League next season, and the qualification now depends on the performance and result of Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Manchester United had an okay first half, where hey scored by Juan Mata and conceded by Marcos Alonso in the last minutes of the first half with a silly mistake by David De Gea again, who is going through his worst time at Manchester United, and maybe his career.

Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

De Gea:  Not his best time at the Old Trafford. Not sure if it’s frustration, lack of confidence, or a sign that he wants to leave? 5/10

Lindelof: Was good today. 6.5/10

Bailly: Was decent as well. Too bad he left injured again. 6.5/10

Young: Poor again, but a bit better than before. 5.5/10

Shaw: Made a decent assist to Juan Mata. 7/10

Matic: Average today, but was okay against his former club. 6/10

Herrera: Not so good, didn’t mark Alonso and was able to prevent the goal to a certain point. 5.5/10

Pogba: If he wanna leave the club he can in summer, it doesn’t have to be in a way that punishes his teammates. 5/10

Mata: Scored against his former club. Couldn’t do much throughout the match though. 7/10

Lukaku: His pre assist to Luke Shaw was brilliant. But couldn’t do much throughout the match as well. 6.5/10

Rashford: Missed the chance on the 28th minute after being so late in passing. 5.5/10



Rojo: So aggressive and reckless. He should control him self. 4/10

Sanchez: Didn’t offer anything. But was good in putting pressure on Chelsea players. 5/10

McTominay: Not much to do. 5/10

Man of the match: None of Manchester United players, again and again.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manager): Not sure what happened and whether he was able to do anything or not. A good first half, but a poor second half, and couldn’t get much to the penalty area. 5/10

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