Another poor match for Manchester United and another consecutive loss with the same result, 2-0, away from home after the loss at the Emirates Stadium against Arsenal FC.

Several players were so poor today, such as the key players who make the differences like Anthony Martial, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, and others who weren’t in their top form today, were the late goal by Rashford wasn’t enough to help Man United.

Manchester United ended the first half with a 0-0 draw, and the second half they conceded to goals were both goals Manchester United defense was able to do better to prevent them. In the last seconds of the injury time, Marcus Rashford scored a goal that couldn’t get Man United into the match.

Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

Romero: Conceded twice, but saved plenty of shots. 6.5/10

Lindelof: Was able to do better in both games, especially the second. Got a straight red card, then after the VAR revision, he got a yellow card. 5.5/10

Smalling: Was so far from his position in both goals. 5.5/10

Dalot: Not his day again, we need a decent right back and Dalot needs more experience. 5/10

Shaw: Was trying throughout the match to create chances, but in the second goal, he was able to do better. 6/10

Herrera: Was Average today, couldn’t do much especially in the attack. 6/10

Pogba: One of his low days, wasn’t in his form at all. 5/10

Matic: Tried, but was only passing backward. 5.5/10

Lingard: Didn’t use his pace, he’s still not so ready. 5/10

Martial: We didn’t see him playing at all. 5/10

Rashford: Tried, but didn’t use his pace and he wasn’t in his top form as well. Scored a late goal though. 6.5/10



Perreira: Couldn’t do much. 5/10

Mata: Couldn’t do much as well. N/A

McTominay: No time to do anything as well. N/A

Man of the match: Romero deserves some credit, but he wasn’t the man of the match.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manager): A weird match, always back passes and without penetrating the penalty area and going forward like the previous matches. 6/10

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