PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 0-1 West Brom And Man Of The Match. EMBARRASSING!

Another poor performance by Manchester United, a very poor first half, and a worse second half where Manchester United lost three valuable points in the journey for the second place and awarded Manchester City the title today after not allowing to celebrate with the title last week.

Manchester United’s attack was so dreadful today, a lot of misplaced passes, bad control, randomness, and bad tactics. One of the worst matches for Manchester United this season.


Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

De Gea: Made a crucial save in the 11th minute. Was maybe Manchester United’s best player during the first half. 7/10

Smalling: Was okay, marked Rondon many times. 6/10

Lindelof: Average match, but was marking really bad in the 11th minute, which Manchester United didn’t concede, thanks to David De Gea. 6/10

Valencia: Was poor in crossing, not a good match. 5/10

Young:  As well, a poor match. 5/10

Matic: Was at fault for the first goal. Had to do better today. 5/10

Pogba: A very average match, but he had to stay instead of getting subbed so early. 5/10

Herrera: Average match as well, had some good moments, but not his best match. 5/10

Sanchez: Another poor match, tried a bit but that’s not enough, or even close to his performance in the last two matches. 5/10

Mata: Was playing inside too much, as Alexis Sanchez, which gave West Bromwich Albion an advantage in defending. 5/10

Lukaku: His control is so poor, which wasted several chances of scoring. Was close to scoring in the 66th minute. In the end, he’s not a defender, was at fault for the first goal. 5/10


Martial: Couldn’t convince today, was poor and shaky. 4/10

Rashford: He seemed dead today, didn’t offer anything. 4/10

Lingard: Didn’t do anything today as well. 4/10

Man of the match: None of Manchester United’s players.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): Why didn’t he play like the second half against Manchester City? why this random attack and no wings play? a very poor tactical match against a team that has won just once this year. The same old story again. 4/10

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  1. Very disappointing and you making our goalkeeper David De Gea to miss the golden glove cause his clean sheets are always being spoiled by the team performance.

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