PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 0-1 Newcastle And Man Of The Match. TERRIBLE!

A very disappointing match for Manchester United who wasted a plenty of chances in the match by Romelu Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez, and Anthony Martial which were able to give Manchester United the three points from the first half. No pressure, no mentality or showing a will to win even after conceding a really bad performance.

the weakest point in Manchester United’s squad was the center back, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling, which cost Manchester United points most of the times where Manchester United had their first win this year, and the first win against Manchester United since 2012.


Here are our player ratings and man of the match for today’s match

De Gea:  Saved Jonjo Shelvey’s shot on the 5th minute. Can’t be blamed for the goal. Did his best. 7/10

Smalling:  A very silly and bad clearance which gave Newcastle United their first goal. Booked. 3/10

Jones:  A shaky performance as well, some good moments, but not enough. 5/10

Valencia: Tried with going forward and some crosses, but couldn’t do much. Booked and was going to get a red card and wasn’t marking well in Newcastle’s goal. 4/10

Young:  Like Valencia, was trying, but couldn’t do much. 5/10

Matic: Made a world class pass to Martial on the 35th minute, but Martial missed it. Was able to do better in marking when De Gea conceded. 6/10

Pogba: A very poor form, not the Pogba we bought. 4/10

Lingard: A couple of good matches, and then a very bad or average matches. Not the Lingard of the previous matches. 4/10

Sanchez:  Again, one of the best today. Did everything he can he passed, dribbled, and was close on scoring. But missed a very weird chance on the 59th minute with an empty net. 6/10

Martial: Missed plenty of chances in the 35th minute one one one, the 80th minute a double chance, and several other chances. He lacks the finishing recently. 5/10

Lukau: Very shaky match, some world-class moments and other terrible moments. 5/10


Carrick: His first Premier League match this season after a long-term injury. 5/10

McTominay:  Not a lot of time to impress, came due to his height maybe. 5/10

Mata: Had to start over Lingard. 6/10

Man of the match: None of Manchester United’s player was on his top form or impressed. Maybe just Alexis Sanchez was fighting for every ball and did more than others, but the empty net chance is unforgivable.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): Mourinho’s one of the most stadiums he isn’t lucky at, lost three times and drew three times even though Rafa Benitez is one of the most managers who lost to Jose Mourinho. Mourinho parked the bus instead of attacking in the first half. He has to change his mentality in some games. 4/10

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  1. Michael O Connell

    I cannot understand Mourinho,s mentality.Why did he decide to play Pogba knowing that he was injured in the warm up.I am sick of seeing Smalling and Jones in the starting 11. Is Mourinho only interested in making sure that both of them make the England squad for the fore-coming World Cup.What has Shaw done not to get a chance in the starting line up.It is about time that Mr.Mourinho started doing the job he was hired to do and not to be worried above getting an award for being the best behaved manager in the Premiership.Personally I would not put him in charge of a CRÈCHE.

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