PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 0-1 Brighton And Man Of The Match. HUMILIATING

Again, an awful performance and night for Manchester United fans after their team has had a very disappointing performance against the newly promoted team to the Premier League, Brighton who had 3 shots on target, 8 shots, and 3 corners in the first 40 minutes, while Manchester United had 0 shots on target, 3 shots, and 1 corner.

One of the worst performance again for Manchester United after losing to Brighton 0-1 where Manchester United didn’t fight or tried to win where most of the players were missing and most of them deserve 5 or less, if being generous, except David De Gea who saved Manchester United from several shots.

Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

De Gea: Made a magnificent save in the 20th minute, but conceded once. 7/10

Smalling: Average, was able to do better for the conceded goal. 6/10

Rojo: Couldn’t prevent the goal, but tried. 6/10

Darmian: A poor match, was able to do better not to concede. 5/10

Young:  A very poor match as well. 5/10

Matic: Poor passing tonight. 6/10

Pogba: Was missing tonight, no desire or will to fight. 5/10

Fellaini: Did almost nothing during the match. 5/10

Mata: Did nothing. 5/10

Martial: With such performance, it’s even hard to be on the bench next season. 5/10

Rashford: Wasted a very dangerous chance in the 26th minute due to his slow and bad decision making, and a bit of selfishness. 5/10


Lingard: Had a couple of shots, but couldn’t do a lot. 5/10

McTominay: Came instead of Fellaini who seemed injured. 5/10

Shaw: Couldn’t really affect the attack. 5/10

Man of the match: None of Manchester United players deserves it, except David De Gea.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): Not sure who to blame. A very poor performance and it’s not the first time this season. The team isn’t fighting and doesn’t have a will to win. 5/10

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  1. No wonder we lost. Darmian leaving, Smalling leaving, Young being replaced, Pogba poss leaving, Fellaini leaving(surely), Martial leaving, Mata poss leaving, Rashford put out on loan till he learns to pass.(defining moment of the game). Absolutely appalling football. No skill, no fight but worst of all, NO MAN UNITED PRIDE. Credit to Brighton nothing but shame for United. I would play the kids in the final and I just don’t think I can watch much more of JM football. If you start with Fellaini, what’s plan B.

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