WITH PICTURES: What Rooney Did To Pogba Makes Man United Fans Angry

Manchester United has won 2-0 against Everton FC yesterday, Monday, away from home after around two weeks of disappointing results.

This win made Manchester United’s fans happy, but what Wayne Rooney did yesterday made some Manchester United fans angry from their former captain and legend.

Paul Pogba was shaking hands with  Everton’s players ahead of the kick-off in the tunnel before he reaches Wayne Rooney who snubbed him and didn’t shake hands with the French midfielder.

Manchester United fans on social media didn’t let this easily go, but some of them showed their anger to their all-time top scorer and England’s top scorer, Wayne Rooney, while others say that Wayne Rooney was just “too focused” on the game and didn’t notice Manchester United’s captain, Paul Pogba, next to him, not even looked at him, while Paul Pogba looked at Wayne Rooney several times and appeared he wanted to talk to him, but Rooney didn’t help the situation by looking at Pogba.

Knowing that Wayne Rooney has left Manchester United last season after the decline in his form and being on the bench for the majority of the time. Knowing that Wayne Rooney is having a good season with his former club, Everton, and has scored almost the same number of goals as Romelu Lukaku with Everton this season.

Here are the pictures of Wayne Rooney “ignoring” Paul Pogba




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