PICTURE: Mourinho Scouting 2 Players Ahead Of Signing And Announcing Them

Manchester United are being linked with two new players which are potential transfers for Manchester United according to several sources in order to enhance and strengthen the squad.

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, has blown new wave speculations and news and rumors after he was pictured in the same stadium with two potential players he is watching ahead of signing them and announcing them as new players to Manchester United according to some sources.

Jose Mourinho was pictured watching the match of Russia vs Austria as friendlies ahead of the world cup where Jose Mourinho is expected to be watching West Ham United’s striker, Marko Arnautovic, where he is interested to sign the Austrian international striker as a back up for Romelu Lukaku where the team suffered this season during the injury of Romelu Lukaku.

On the other hand, Jose Mourinho is reported that he was scouting the Russia top-rated player, Aleksandr Golovin, where he plays for the Russian club, CSKA Moscow, where he is considered as one of Russia’s most talented and best players and from the players, many clubs will be watching during the world cup.

Aleksandr Golovin, 22 years old, is a midfielder who can replace the Belgian international midfielder, Marouane Fellaini, who is expected to leave the club in the coming few days after not renewing his contract with Manchester United.

Here is a picture of Jose Mourinho in the stands in Russia Vs Austria match


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