OFFICIAL+Picture: Man United’s Photographer Confirms The Arrival Of A World Class Midfielder.

Manchester United fans got even more excited recently about the arrival of a new world-class player to the Old Trafford, Manchester United, where a huge hint was dropped today about a new world-class player, where many see it as an announcement.

Craig Norwood, Manchester United’s photographer, is known to announce the new players who are arriving at Manchester United ahead of time through his official social media accounts by following the players, where he follows Manchester United players and the new players of Manchester United.

Craig Norwood has dropped a hint on his official and personal Instagram account after he followed the official account of the Brazilian midfielder, Fred, where Craig Norwood is known for following the players who are arriving to Manchester United ahead of time which he did before the signing of several players before.

Manchester United are reported to be so close on announcing and signing Fred Rodrigues from Shakhtar Donetsk where all the news and reports from several sources confirm that Manchester United actually secured the deal of the Brazilian midfielder, Fred, and the announcement and signing of the contract is just a matter of time and finalizing a couple of points in the contract between the Premier League club, and Fred Rodrigues, where Fred’s representatives are working hard with Manchester United to finish the deal as soon as possible.



Here is a screenshot of Craig Norwood’s official Instagram account showing that he is following Fred.

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