OFFICIAL+Pic: Fred Arrives To London

Manchester United fans went crazy today, Monday, on the social media and mainly Twitter after one of Manchester United’s targets who is on the edge of signing with the Red Devils, Manchester United, has arrived at the United Kingdom.

The Brazilian midfielder, Fred, is on the radar of Manchester United the beginning of the summer transfer windows earlier this month where several reports and news confirmed that the Brazilian player will be a Manchester United player, and his signature on Manchester United’s contract is just a matter of time, and the time seems so close after the latest picture Fred shared.

Fred shared a story on his official personal Instagram account where he is on the airplane and he wrote on the picture that he is heading to London, where many sources suggested that this step is a step forward and getting much closer to sign with Manchester United where many think that the Brazilian player will be heading to Manchester in the coming few hours or days to undergo medicals and sign his contract with Manchester United.

The Brazilian player is expected to cost the Premier League runners-up this season, Manchester United, a huge amount of money estimated to be between 50million Euros, and 60million Euros where the exact amount is still not declared and several sources contradict the price tag of the Brazilian midfielder who will be coming from the Ukranian giant, Shakhtar Donetsk.


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