OFFICIAL: Man United’s Portuguese Manager Assistant RESIGNS.

Manchester United have officially revealed and confirmed on their official website that the managing team will be changing after the end of this season after the resigning of the Portuguese man.

Manchester United have officially revealed today, Saturday, on their official website in a post that the Portuguese man will be leaving the Old Trafford after two seasons in Manchester United where he was able to continue to win the EFL Cup, Community Shield, and UEFA Europa League last season, and reaching the FA Cup final this season, in addition to securing the second place in the Premier League.

Rui Faria will be officially leaving the club after 17 years of work with the Portuguese manager, Jose Mourinho, where he was with him and his assistant in the Italian Serie A, Inter Milan, and La Liga, Real Madrid, Premier League, Chelsea, and finally in the Premier League again with Manchester United.

Rui Faria said to Manchester United’s official website:” After a lot of consideration and thinking, I have made my decision at the right time to leave.”

Faria continued:” I would like to thanks Jose Mourinho for believing in me for 17 years when it was just a dream before. I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity and believing in me and giving me the experience.”

Knowing that the latest news suggests that the new assistant manager will be Manchester United’s current player who will be retiring at the end of the season, Michael Carrick.



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