OFFICIAL: The Decision About Lukaku’s Ban is Revealed

Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United’s striker, was caught on cameras violating one of Brighton’s defenders, Gaetan Bong, and kicking him in a sensitive area, and the match referee didn’t see it, but the FA has seemingly decided whether Romelu Lukaku will be banned or not.


According to Simon Peach, who is a credible and reliable source, The FA are aware of Romelu Lukaku’s incident, but doesn’t seem to take any actions, and decided not to take any actions or ban Romelu Lukaku due to the lack of Evidence that there was an intent to harm Gaetan Bong or not.


Knowing that this isn’t the first time the FA takes actions this season after the match is over, and that’s due to a new rule applied this season regarding violence or diving that the referee may not see during the match, but the cameras can catch and the players will be penalized and banned for their actions retrospectively.

Romelu Lukaku should be able to play in Manchester United’s matches tomorrow against Watford and during the weekend against Arsenal, and next week in the Manchester Derby against Manchester City, the main title competitor this season in a must-win match if Manchester United wants to keep competing for the Premier League title.

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