Mourinho Praises Matic: “He’s A Genius”

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, has praised the Serbian new player, Matic, after his debut at Manchester United.

Mourinho said to the British journal, Daily Mail, “Matic trained really well alone during the past few days and that really made him get into the form. He already has the experience and intelligence to play football in a genius way. All he needs is time to get used to our style of play.”

He contained: “I think Matic will understand our style of play so fast. He his first 45 minutes against Sampdoria proved that”.

Knowing that Man United signed two other players this summer which are Lindelof and Lukaku. Matic is the third signing and there is expected to be a 4th signing this summer which is believed to be Ivan Perisic.

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