Mourinho May Let De Gea Go For Toni Kroos

Mourinho, The Red Devil’s manager, is keen to sign Toni Kroos, Real Madrid’s midfielder, who is considered one of the most important players in Real Madrid since joining in 2014 from Bayern Munich.

Mourinho showed interest in signing the German World Cup winner and showed some signs that Man United is open to swap David De Gea, Real Madrid target’s since 2 seasons, in order to sign Kroos.

According to the English journal, The Mirrors, Real Madrid didn’t stop his attemps to sign Spain’s and United’s number one goalkeeper, David De Gea, which Mourinho seems to take advantage of to make Real Madrid accept to sell Kroos who can be the “Best partnership” with Paul Pogba according to Mourinho.

In addition, Real Madrid won’t let Kroos go easily to Man United, but also Man United won’t let De Gea easily leave which makes a swap deal a more acceptable solution for both parties.

Real Madrid tried to sign De Gea and was very close to sign him in 2015, but a delay in sending the transfer papers occurred and caused the deal to fail which led later on to issues between the two clubs and caused Morata’s transfer to Man United fail as well.

What do you think? is it worth it De Gea for Kroos? comment bellow

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  1. Please let hem in and De Gae should not go any where please he is our number 1 and for ever be the best thanks

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