Mourinho Explains Why He Shushed On The Camera Before Shaking Hands With Pochettino

Manchester United has hardly won 1-0 over Tottenham Hotspurs today in a must win match after losing 2-1 against Huddersfield Town. However, Mourinho did the shushing gesture before he shakes hand with Tottenham’s manager, Pochettino.


According to the Spanish outlet, Marca, Jose Mourinho has clarified his actions by saying: “Some people talk too much, calm down, relax a little bit,” Mourinho continued. “Don’t speak too much, speak, speak, speak, relax. Relax a little bit, don’t be so nervous. Don’t be so excited”

Mourinho denied that this is directed to Tottenham. However, it’s believed that it’s directed toward all the critics Mourinho and Man United are getting after losing 2-1 against Huddersfield Town, which made the gap between Manchester United and Manchester City, who’s on the top of the league, 5 points.

Moreover, Mourinho denied again that his gestures are toward Tottenham or their manager, Pochettino, and he insisted that he has a very good relationship with Mauricio Pochettino.

وعن علاقته بالأرجنتيني ماوريسيو بوكيتينو، المدير الفني لتوتنهام، رد مورينيو بقوله: “لقد تواجهنا عدة مرات، ولدينا علاقة جيدة جدًا”.

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