Mourinho Decides On Anthony Martial’s Future


Jose Mourinho,Manchester United’s manager, has decided to Anthony Martial’s future in an interview to the British journal, Daily Star.

Mourinho said: “Martial is a very important player in the team. He has the chemistry with Pogba and Lukaku and it showed already that on the pitch this season.”

Mourinho continued:”Martial has scored two goals in the last two games. He played only 20 minutes and this is a very good thing. He is improving and gaining a lot of experience quickly. He wants to start every game but I talked to him and explained that we are playing in 4 competitions, and we can’t rely on 11 players only. He wants to play with France in the World Cup and that’s normal”.


Mourinho ended by saying:”He,Martial, is a very important player. I can’t let him go and I am sure that he will continue with us this summer and won’t leave anywhere.”

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