Mourinho Changes His Strategy With The Goalkeepers In The Champions League

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, has changed his strategy with the rotation of the goalkeepers between the Champions League and the Premier League and other competitions and decided who will play tomorrow.

Mourinho has confired that the Spanish goalkeeper, David De Gea, will start tomorrow against Basel in the Champions League which will leave Sergio Romero in a trouble of not playing this season.

Mourinho has confirmed that he won’t do like last year’s strategy, rotating De Gea and Romero, and said:” De Gea is in a good form and confidence, he will play tomorrow.”


Knowing that Manchester United didn’t play in the Champions League since the season 2015/2016 after Van Gaal failed to qualify to the Champions League by being in the fifth position, and last season Man United was in the sixth position, but qualified through winning the Europa League.


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