Mourinho: We Can’t Compete Europe’s Giants

Mourinho has confessed after UEFA Super Cup’s defeat against Real Madrid that his club, Manchester United, can’t compete with Europe’s giants.


Mourinho said: “For sure, Manchester United is a big team and will always be. Even if we don’t win trophies like before for years, we will always be a great club. But now, we aren’t in a position that allows us to compete with Europe’s giants like Real Madrid.”

He added: “We have to go back gradually to the big competitions. Last season we were able to win trophies but now we lost the UEFA Super Cup. We still didn’t reach the level of Europe’s last two season champions, Real Madrid.

Mourinho continued: Our aim now is to achive first or second place in our group stage in the champions league and play in the group of 16. After that, everything is possible.

Before the big teams were  the ones who have a strong purchasing power. Now even the small teams are richer than the big teams.

Mourinho ended by saying: I think Manchester United needs at least two more season to get back to the world top 3 clubs.


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