Manchester United Match Report And Players Ratings And Man Of The Match Against Stoke City

It was a disappointing match for the Red Devils fans, sharing the top of the league with Manchester City each one 10 points. However, any team who plays against Stoke City in their stadium will face difficulties winning over them.

As we expected, score won’t make it easy at all for Man United. They scored and pressured and got a valuable point.

We will rate our players after every match, here is Man United Insider players ratings: against Stoke City

De Gea:  Was Man United’s  man of the match in the first half. He made several heroic saves especially on the 62nd minute he made an amazing save.  He can’t be blamed for the two goals. 8/10

Valencia:  Helped in the attack by his crosses and was good in the defense 6/10

Bailly: He is responsible for Stoke City’s first goal. He had to cover the player, but he was behind Stoke’s player.  Other than that, he had an Ok game. 5/10

Jones: 6/10

Darmian:  tried to help in the attack and and was good in his side. 7/10

Matic:  Went forward and helped in the attack but couldn’t do match.   7/10

Pogba: He made an unconditional assist for United’s first goal in the last minute of the first half. But couldn’t help later. Eventhough with today’s assist Pogba became directly indirectly involved in 7 out of 13 goals for Man United, but he was able to do better today. 6/10

Herrera: He helped in the defense, but he didn’t have to play in this game.

Rashford: Scored one goal and was dangerous and was close to score on the 24th minute. 7/10

Mkhitaryan: It’s not his place to play in. He needs to be behind the striker and Herrera’s participation made him the only one responsible for distributing the ball. 5/10

Lukaku:  Missed a clear chance to make it 3-2 and get 3 points in addition to several other chances. However, he scored a goal as well. 5/10


Mata: N/A

Lingard: N/A

Martial:  N/A


Man of the match: I will go for De Gea. If not for him, Stoke would have scored 5 goals or more.


Jose Mourinho (Manager): He had to go with a better formation. The wings still an issue with Man United without a world class winger. In addition, he didn’t’ shake hands with Stoke City’s manager, which may make him get into a trouble. 5/10

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