Man United Legend: Sanchez Should Go To Man City, NOT United

Today seems the perfect day for Alexis Sanchez news after all the dramatic news happening about the Chilean forward who seems his on his way to Manchester.

Manchester United and Manchester City seem the main two clubs battling to sign Arsenal’s forward, Alexis Sanchez, and in the recent hours and days, Manchester United seems the favorite to sign Alexis Sanchez instead of Manchester City who were favorite.

However, Manchester United’s legend, Rio Ferdinand, has said that Alexis Sanchez should go to Manchester City instead of Manchester United if he wants to win trophies, which seems shocking from one of Manchester United’s legend.

Manchester United’s English defender, Rio Ferdinand, was asked whether Alexis Sanchez should be going to Manchester United or Manchester City, and Ferdinand said in Football on BT Sports studio:” If I wanna be honest, if he, Sanchez, has an option to go to either Manchester City or Manchester United, as a footballer who wanted to win trophies and judge myself on the trophies I have won, Manchester City looks like the place to go for him.”

The other pundits in the studio said:”it looks like it hurt”, and then Rio Ferdinand replied:” Yes it did.”

This is due to Manchester United’s shaky form sin the retriment of Sir Alex Ferguson where Manchester United still couldn’t really compete for the Premier League and rebuild themselves even with several managers and spending hundreds of millions of dollars.


Here is the video of Rio Ferdinand


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