Man United Insider Whatsapp Groups

We finally launched our Whatsapp groups to get the latest news and discuss anything about Man United.
Just open this link from your phone and then choose the option to join the group. that’s it 😉
Group rules: 
1-Don’t change the group title
2-Don’t change the group picture
3-Don’t send links or any promotions of any kind. Including other Whatsapp groups links.
4-Be respectful to everyone.
5-The group is a Man United and football group. Hate or discussions that may cause issues such as religious or political are not allowed.
6-If you invite your friends to the group through the link or anyway, it’s your responsibility to make them aware of the group rules.
Any member who violations the rules will be removed permanently from the group.
Also, members are asked to help the admins to spot the violations by reporting them to the admins through a PM, we can’t see every single violation by our own.
NB: Joining the group means you agree to the group rules


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