Man United Could Complete A Double Transfer With An Italian Giant

Manchester United seem close to complete a transfer deal for two top-rated players with one of the Italian Serie A giant, during the summer transfer window.

According to some sources and rumors, the Premier League giant will be looking to complete two transfers with the Italian Serie A giant, Inter Milan, where the English club will be offloading two players to Italy.

Inter Milan’s new potential manager, Antonio Conte, is reportedly keen to sign two players from Manchester United to build his squad, where the Chilean international, Alexis Sanchez, and the Belgian international, Romelu Lukaku, are on the short list of the Italian manager.

Alexis Sanchez has failed to impress at the Old Trafford since his arrival in January 2018, and Romelu Lukaku couldn’t bring his form from Everton FC to the Old Trafford, and under Ole Gunner Solskjaer, the Belgian striker couldn’t impress.


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