Man United 2-2 Leicester City Players Ratings And Man Of The Match. Title Race Is OVER

A good win for Manchester United, until the last seconds, where Leicester City scored the equalizer in the last 5 seconds of the injury time after another average performance from Jose Mourinho’s men where they had defensive mistakes which led to the first  and second goal and made Mourinho angry obviously by what he did in the halftime, and he will have a lot to talk after the match.

After this match, Manchester United’s title hopes may be over with 13 points gap with Manchester City, which was caused by the missed chances and mistakes in this match, and others as well.


Here are our player ratings and man of the match for today’s match

De Gea:  Nothing much to do, just a couple of easy saves. Can’t be blamed for the goal at all. 6/10

Smalling: Was close to scoring in the first 90 seconds by a header. It wasn’t a very good marking for Mahrez’s run which led to the Leicesters first goal, and his recklessness led to the second goal. 2/10

Jones:  Saved Man United from a dangerous attempt, but didn’t behave well in Vardy’s run at all. 4/10

Young: One of the best defenders, saved Man United from a goal in the 35th minute. Was active in the attack as well. 6/10

Lindelof: Not good in the center back, and not in the right back as well, his side was so dormant in defense and offense. Always seemed afraid to intercept or clash with another player properly, booked as well.  3/10

Pogba:  One of the only players who was trying today, had several dangerous shots and passes. It seemed that all the pressure was on him. 8/10

Matic: Average match, nothing much to do on the defensive side. Was always trying in the midfield. Booked. 6/10

Lingard:  Missed a dangerous chance in the 5th minute, and had an amazing pass for Lukkaku in the 11th minute. Assisted the first goal, and was close to scoring on the 72nd minute with an amazing run, but he hit the post, was able to kill the match. 8/10

Martial: Not his day, he missed a one on one chance in the 54th minute. But was trying. 6/10

Mata:  Very few touches, but the most important and useful. You feel he is calm, but he scored twice today. Was always trying and creating. 8/10

Lukaku:  We just saw him today missing a one on one chance in the 11th minute, and a couple of good passes. He is taking a lot of wrong decisions recently which is causing him to miss chances. 4/10


Rashford: Was dangerous and made Amartey foul him, to receive a red card, was able to score the third goal and end the game, but didn’t act properly with Leicester’s keeper. 6/10

Herrera: Came to secure the store after Leicester City were playing with 10 men. 5/10

Mkhitaryan: Long time no see, but no time to impress and judge, played just for 7 minutes. N/A


Man of the match: Three players their effort was obvious today, Pogba, Mata, and Lingard. But Juan Mata deserves the man of the match for scoring twice, but couldn’t

Jose Mourinho (Manager): It was obvious he isn’t happy with the performance when he left the dressing room before the players in the half time. Again, he has to do the proper the work in 8 days… 5/10

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