Man United 1-2 Man City: Players Ratings And Man Of The Match

The most important match of the season so far, Manchester United lost it due to an individual mistake from Romelu Lukaku who gifted Manchester City two assists from a very close range, that no defender or goalkeeper can save.

Manchester United now can’t afford any loss or draw due to the huge gap with Manchester City, unless Man City drops points. Otherwise, Manchester United title race is over.

Our players’ ratings are as the following:

De Gea: Made a couple of good saves, especially at the 70th minute and 94th minute in one on one. Can’t be blamed for Man City goals were they came from a close range and assisted by Lukaku, an unexpected danger. 7/10

Smalling: Was able to do better in marking players. had some sloppy moments though. 5/10

Rojo: Reckless tackles and dangerous head clash which got him injured and left the pitch in the halftime, booked as well and. 4/10

Young: A good game, he was defending even as a center back. Booked. 6/10

Valencia: Defended and was always going forward. 6/10

Herrera:  Shaky today, committed a foul in a dangerous area that led to a goal. Booked 5/10

Matic: Was stabilizing the midfield and helping in building an attack. 7/10

Lingard:  Had some good runs, but wasn’t very dangerous. Helped in the counter-attack plan. 6/10

Martial: Was always trying and dangerous, and Man City defenders had to commit fouls on him to stop him. 7/10

Rashford:  Always moving and dangerous and scored one goal, and was close to scoring the other. Booked. 7/10

Lukaku: He played for the wrong Manchester side today, two assists for Manc City and missed a dangerous chance in the 66th minute, and a one on one chance in the 85th minute. Just 10 touches in the first half, and none in City’s box. Needs to be benched for Zlatan or Rashford in the coming matches. He may be one of the main reasons for Man United losing the title this season. 0/10


Lindelof: Average. 5/10

Zlatan: No time to impress, but was more dynamic than Lukaku. 5/10

Mata: Tried to go forward and help in scoring, was so close to scoring in the 85th minute, but Ederson saved it. 5/10


Man of the match: No doubt, Romelu Lukaku is the man of the match who was a fame change, but for Man City. For Man United, Rashford was the one who scored and was close to scoring again. Martial was dangerous as well, but Rashford made the difference. Not the best player on the pitch today though.

Jose Mourinho (Manager):  Not sure who to blame, his plan today wasn’t perfect, but Lukaku was the one who changed the match by his two silly assists for Man City which changed the game. Can’t be really blamed when his team was playing well and scored on an open play. He as to do something about Lukaku though for Zlatan, who had to get in earlier as well. 5/10

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