Lukaku May Get BANNED For At Least 3 Matches

Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United’s striker, may get a minimum of a three matches ban due to an act of violence he committed yesterday against one of Brighton’s players.


Romelu Lukaku committed a violent act on the 66th minute where he had a backheel kick with his left leg on one of Brighton’s players’ sensitive area without having a ball or trying to kick a ball, but it was on purpose to hit Brighton’s defender.


The match referees missed the incident, but according to the new Premier League laws this season, the players may get banned for diving or violence acts that are missed by the referee by watching them again on video and applying the ban later on. This means that the Belgian striker, Romelu Lukaku, may face a retrospective ban by the FA.

On the other hand, Romelu Lukaku is having a bad time with Manchester United recently where he scored just once last week against Newcastle United for the first time since eight matches.

Knowing that Manchester United got a great boost by the return of their striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who will start competing with Romelu Lukaku for the starting place, and maybe Manchester United’s striker if Romelu Lukaku receives any ban.

Lukaku has to wait for the final decision by the FA regarding his ban, which may be at least three matches ban, depending on several factors, and if the match referee, Neil Swarbrick, saw the kick.


Here is a picture of Romelu Lukaku kicking Brighton’s defender.



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