Lukaku Breaks Rooney And Van Persi And Others Records And Gets Into Man United History

Maybe it’s still a bit early to judge Lukaku, but Lukaku is showing the signs of a legend under Jose Mourinho this season in Manchester United, due to his unbelievable numbers and records.


Lukeku has broke several players’ records this season such as Van Persi,Rooney,Denis Law, and Ruud van Nistelrooy. Lukaku became the first player in Manchester History to score six goals in his first six matches.

If we compare Lukaku to some current or old Man United legends and players, we see that Lukaku has better numbers than all of them by scoring six goals in his first six matches in all competitions.


Ibrahimovic 5 goals in the season 2016/2017

Van Persi 4 goals in the season 2012/2013

Rooney 4 goals as well in the season 2004/2005

Nistelrooy 4 goals in the season 2001/2002

Dight Yorke 4 goals in the season 1998/1999

Martial 3 goals in the season 2015/2016

Rashford 3 goals in the season 2015/2016

Hernandez 3 goals in the season 2010/2011


However, Mourinho has said in a pre match conference against Everton, that Lukaku will never reach Rooney’s numbers at Man United.  Knowing that Lukaku will face his former club today for the first time, Everton, and may even break more numbers if he scores.


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