Lukaku To Appear In Court Today After Being Arrest By The Police Before


Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United’s striker and most expensive player, will appear in court in Los Angeles today after he was arrested and warned during the summer.


Lukaku was arrested by Los Angeles Police after 5 verbal warnings on the 2nd of July at 8PM, due to excessive noise complaints. Lukaku has to appear in court today, which means he will miss the training with his national team, Belgium.

According to reports, Lukaku may be only fined. However, other actions may be taken by the police, but it’s not expected to be charged for jail. Moreover, Paul Pogba may be accused as well, but no reports confirm whether he will be present in the court or not.

Knowing that Lukaku joined Manchester United from Everton for 75m GBP as the most expensive Premier League player.


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