LEAKED: Lukaku Clashed With His Teammates After Chelsea’s Loss

Some reports has leaked today, Sunday, that Romelu Lukaku, Belgium and Manchester United’s striker, has had a clash with his teammates after losing 1-0 to Chelsea last Sunday.


According to several reports, Romelu Lukaku had clashed with his teammates in the dressing room, and was going to evolve into a fight between them after Manchester United has lost 1-0 to Chelsea in the Premier League match day 11.

According to The Sun, Lukaku was so angry from Manchester United’s defenders after they let Alvaro Morata, Chelsea’s striker, score the only winning goal for Chelsea. In addition, Lukaku was so angry from the defensive mistakes and his failure to score for Manchester United, knowing that Romelu Lukaku’s last goal for Manchester United was since around one month and a half, back in 30 September.

Romelu Lukaku is facing a goal drought recently after he was one of the best strikers in the Premier League in the beginning of the season and he scored 7 goals and made 3 assists.

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, has defended Lukaku several times. Mourinho said: “I am not reading his, Lukaku, stats, I’m reading the game in general.” Mourinho Continued:”From the bench, it’s a different perspective, not stats. I’m happy with his, Lukaku’s, methods, his attitude and his desire on the pitch. Lukaku had a chance with a good shot, but the goalkeeper saved it”

Mourinho continued defending Lukaku by saying:” He had a chance and he made spaces for his teammates, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford. I am happy with his performance, and I don’t look at his numbers”



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