Jose Mourinho Reveals A Late Expected Date For Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Jose Mourinho has revealed an expected date for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to return to the Old Trafford, which is much longer than what Zlatan has announced few days ago.

According to an interview with ESPN, Jose Mourinho,The Red Devil’s manager, has revealed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic may return in the second half of the season, January, which is around 2 months more than what Zlatan said he will be back on.

Mourinho said:” In January we won’t spend anything. We will have our best striker coming back fit to play with us. We will have a player that was one of our best last season, and his return will boost our squad with the amount of matches we have.”

Manchester United has signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic again after he got injured during last season, in April. Moreover, Zlatan has announced that he will be available for Tottenham’s clash next October but however, it doesn’t seem possible according to Mourinho.



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