Jose Mourinho: Man United Are NOT A Big Team

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, has confessed in a post-match conference that Manchester United aren’t a big football team after Manchester United drew 2-2 yesterday, Tuesday, in the Premier League against Burnley.


Manchester United is now 12 points behind Manchester City, who is on the top of the Premier League table, and if Manchester City wins today, the gap will increase to 15 points, which questions whether Manchester United is out of the title race or not.

Jose Mourinho has insisted that Manchester United is a big club, but not a big team after Manchester United lost two points against Burnley at home, and conceded two goals that Jose Mourinho called “S***” goals.

Mourinho said that the reason Manchester City are almost alone in the title race this season is that they spent a lot of money in the summer, which may be an indirect message for the board to spend more money in January and next summer.

Jose Mourinho said:” We are in the second year and we are trying to rebuild a football team, Manchester United’s team, that isn’t one of the best teams in the world currently. Man City they buy defenders for the price of strikers.”

Mourinho continued:” The big clubs are big historically”

This message comes amid the disappointing performance Manchester United is having due to several injuries and sudden decline in the performance since two months after Manchester United was on the top of the Premier League table earlier this season and was competing with Manchester City with the goals difference only, before the gap becomes 12 points at the moment.

Knowing that Jose Mourinho has spent around 286million GBP since his arrival to Manchester United in the summer of 2016 and Jose Mourinho insisted that such amount isn’t enough, and the prices for big clubs are different than other clubs.


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