Jose Mourinho Confirms 2 MORE Deals After Alexis Sanchez

Manchester United seemed not to be so active during this transfer windows after Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, confirmed that he is happy with the current squad and players.

Even though Jose Mourinho confirmed that he won’t sign players, but then Manchester United signed one of the best players in the world nowadays in one of the biggest winter transfers to happen in January since long time after signing Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal who is a complete player where he can play in four different positions which are left wing, right wing, behind the striker, and a striker.

However, according to several sources like the Independent and other sources, Jose Mourinho confirmed that he may be signing other players as well after signing Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, who was officially announced a few hours ago.

Jose Mourinho said in a press conference:” Manchester United’s current team lacks nothing. If we have in our mind the idea to improve the team during the summer in two or three transfers, then it’s to improve the team in general. But if we do something now, then we won’t do it in summer.”

Jose Mourinho continued:” In summer we would probably sign three players to improve the team in all departments. If we sign any player now, then it will be two players who we will sign in summer.”

This comes as a confirmation that Jose Mourinho isn’t fully satisfied with the current team, and he is still looking to sign more players during the summer to improve the squad and catch Manchester City who seem unstoppable after spending hundreds of millions under Pep Guardiola.

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