Garbiel Jesus CONFIRMS New Signing For Man United

Manchester United fans received even more confirming and good news recently after Brazil’s star, Gabriel Jesus, confirmed that Manchester United has signed a new player indirectly.

Manchester United were linked with the Brazilian midfielder, Fred Rodrigues, who seems on the verge of being announced as a Manchester United player according to several sources, and what Gabriel Jesus just said a couple of days ago, confirms these sources.

The Brazilian national team played against the European side, Croatia, in the World Cup friendlies ahead of the big competition this summer in Russia where Brazil have beaten Croatia 2-0 in England, Liverpool, where the match was played in the Anfield Stadium, Liverpool FC’s stadium.

After the match of Brazil against Croatia, Gabriel Jesus confessed that Manchester City lost their target, Fred Rodrigues, in the summer transfer windows, where Manchester United signed him.

Gabriel Jesus said: “Fred Rodrigues’s future? We, at Manchester City, thought Fred was going to sign with Manchester City, but now I can’t say anything about him. It’s up to him. If he joins Manchester United I can’t root for his team, but I will root for him on an individual basis.”

This indirectly confirms that Fred was close to joining Manchester City, and then he joined Manchester United.

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