5 Reasons Why Man United Is Better This Season

There is no doubt Manchester United’s season seems to be the best since Sir Alex retired. 9 points,10 goals,3 clean sheets, and most importantly, on the top of the league.

Man United lost to Real Madrid 2-1 in UEFA Super Cup, knowing that United’s central backs Bailly and Jones were banned, which isn’t a bad result against the best club in the world these days.

Behind this great performance, we concluded 5 reasons which lead to this success.


1-Signing Matic

The arrival of the 29 years old player from Chelsea, Matic, is one of the main reasons Man United is performing well. His hard work is paying off through his defensive roles which freed Paul Pogba and made him go further forward and begin show why Mourinho signed him. This improved the over all teams perofmrance and especially Pogba where he was behind 6 out of 11 goals for Man United.


2-The team’s chemistry in the second season

Last season, many new players came to Man United and getting used to play together which made the players’ bonds stronger and used to each other.


3-Miki and Lukaku

Lukaku was the player Man United needed the most. Last season even with Zlatan Ibrahimovic up front, Man United went out goalless from many matches, but this season, Man United may have 99 problems, but scoring goals isn’t one of them.

Moreover, Mkhitaryan seems to be having his best season so far with 5 assists in 3 games.

4-Getting rid of the players who can’t help the team

No doubt Wayne Rooney is United’s legend, but Rooney wasn’t performing at his best last couple season. Letting Rooney leave in a smart way by Mourinho without making the fans angry, improved the team’s performance and made the fans accept their legend’s departure.

Last year Mourinho faced many issues and fans anger by not playing Bastian.

5-Mourinho’s second season experience

Mourinho is one of the best managers and most experienced in the world. He builds,wins, then leave…

Mourinho has won in the second season in his last 5 clubs he managed like Porto,Chelsea (during his two terms),Inter Milan, and Real Madrid.

This year Mourinho seems to be looking to win the league and continues his second season winning streak.

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