What Ex Liverpool Player Tweeted After Bristol’s Win Makes Man United Fans Angry

Manchester United has had a disappointing night after getting knocked out of the EFL, Carabao Cup, competition, after losing 2-1 to Bristol City. However, a former Liverpool player took advantage of this to troll Manchester United.

Manchester United lost 2-1 to Bristol City in the Carabao Cup quarter-final in a crazy match where Bristol City won in the last few seconds of the injury time to knock Manchester United out of this competition.

Liverpool’s ex-midfielder has taken advantage of this to troll Manchester United and take a cheeky dig where he tweeted right after the match was over, and this tweet went viral.

Here is what Lucas Leiva tweeted



The tweet went viral within minutes where it got thousands of engagements, and until this moment it has 77,000 likes, 38,000 retweets, and over 2,100 comments after less than 24 hours from the final whistle of the match.

Knowing that Manchester United and Liverpool have a long history of rivalry between the clubs, players, and even fans.

However, Manchester United fans also took this chance to reply to Liverpool former Brazilian midfielder, Lucas Leiva, and remind him of the times Liverpool were “unlucky” or couldn’t win trophies as much as Manchester United.

Here is a sample of what Manchester United fans replied to Lucas Leiva’s tweet.


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